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Borderlands Reveiw

October 30, 2009 Leave a comment

2 years ago in 2007 is when I first heard of Borderlands. Without much detail I let it pass by me in lieu of many quality grade A titles. In early 2009 when they started revealing features and more details about Borderlands I started to take quite a bit of notice. Until one statement caught my ears by one of the best surprises the game had to offer. It said,

“Borderlands has over 200,000 different guns.”

And that statement alone I could not believe, until they started revealing that the game is a cross between an MMO with only 4 players and Diablo with guns. Its very action oriented and reminds me a lot about Fallout 3 when it comes to atmosphere. But the world of pandora is quite lonley without it’s 4 player Co-Op.

The Story centers around you, or one of 4 character classes with limited customization that is on a search to find The Vault. Because the Vault holds Eridian Technology which when you find an Eridian Gun you will know why these people want them. In two words – Unlimited Ammunition. Borderlands came out on October 20, 2009 which just also happened to be my 18th birthday so I was very happy to be at a Wal-Mart at midnight to celebrate both it’s release and my coming of age.

I’ve played through the game and all of it’s sidequests, but the better loot comes from multiple playthroughs, while it can feel a little grindy at times the action oriented gameplay tears away from the RPG elements. The menu system could be revamped to allow a fast real time equipment system. And the only armors are sheilds…which was disapointing because I would like to trick my character out with custom armor for all to see.

I want to see a sequel for Borderlands but first I demand:

  • More Dungeonlike Areas Including raids with up to 8 Players
  • Gun Customization – Including adding clips or scopes
  • Less Grind Style Quests
  • Flesh out the vehicle sections
  • Improve the scaling of areas
  • More boss fights
  • Loot system that actually feels like your getting rewarded better loot for better enemies instead of random all the time.
  • Platanium Guns that don’t suck

Borderlands is an amazing game despite some of it’s minor flaws. It doesn’t feel unfinished it just leaves you wanting more!


A Stwalarts Tale Development Update #3

October 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Was working on some planning today, including where to expand where not to expand. I am going to make things much more casual friendly, for example the Fortified Enclave dungeon has been drastically opened up for more exploration. It now requires less keys and puzzles to make the once very confusing dungeon much more straightforward.

The Saludio Hills only have 4 more maps for me to build before I can work on some new areas. The vault, which was once down in the Washlands is being moved up into the Saludio Hills with an entire dungeon redesign including new loot and drops. And an entirely new back story. Everything about this relaunch is designed to be easier to access and play. For example to get into the Ashlands you originally had to beat the Fortified Enclave dungeon every time to enter the Ashlands. Now you need only walk south of the Forlorn Steepes and you can bypass the dungeon entirely making the other content much more accessible.

My other part of development is a akin to a new mini game that players will receive randomly and…not very often. A key that will contain a clue in its description as to what the key opens. The clue points to a hidden area after opening the area a good bit of loot will then be distributed to you.

South Park Reveiw – Whale Whores

October 30, 2009 Leave a comment

The new South Park episode last night was one of the funniest I have seen in recent times. The episode, Whale Whores which you can watch here. Is about the Japanese and a sudden hate for dolphins and  whales. It sparks some of the funniest cameos which mostly because I’ve been watching Deadliest Catch and those other big boat shows lately. The cameos include:

  • Deadliest Catch
  • Lady Gaga
  • Whale Wars

The episode centers around Stan taking up pirating to stop the Japanese from killing whales and dolphins. However when he joins the crew of the show Whale Wars, he finds that their methods aren’t quite as “Effective”. There’s one hilarious part right before Stan goes off to join the crew when Cartman, Kyle, and Kenny are all sitting around playing Rock Band and Cartman is singing Lady Gaga’s song, Poker Face. As he wails into the background while Stan pleads his friends to help him fight the Japanese and become pirates…Cartman then turns the song around at Stan.

As Stan joins the Crew, he notices that their methods of pirating are to throw stinking butter, while the Japanese have machine guns and spears. He pulls out a flare gun and starts World War 3. After a while of pirating Cartman and Kenny decide they want to be on tv and start helping Stan against the Japanese. Afterwords and promptly their boat blows up and they are captured by the Japanese and taken into a prison. A Japanese official then explains a dark secret about the bombing on Hiroshima which explains their hatred for whales and dolphins.

Stan then tells them the truth and the Japanese redirect their hatred and start killing thousands of cows and chickens just like normal Americans.

To sum it all up South Park is targeting

  • PETA
  • Big Boat Shows
  • Lady Gaga
  • World War 2
  • Sea World

In one of the most hilariously and entertainingly funny satires.  Trey Parker and Matt Stone truly are the comedic satirists of the 21st century. They are Mark Twain’s in a very controversial and philosophical sense.

A Stwalarts Tale Development Update #2

October 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Today I loaded my server and kept working on Saludio Hills, I found in the code and downloaded my vb tools and started working on the source code. Special thanks to Damian666 on the eclipse forums for his tutorials.  Specifically:

  • FPS Fix
  • Spells Fix
  • Stability Fix
  • Shop Fix
  • Keys Item fix
  • Item Statistics fix

Everything is coming along nicely, please stay tuned to our blog.

A Stwalarts Tale Development Update #1

October 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Okay well i’ve gotten the whole files put on a backup system to 2 flash drives a Portable HD and 3 reccuring computer backups. Set for auto so we won’t have any problems this time. After loading a local server I took down the version number and looked where I needed to start in terms of the actual game development and what the actual engine code needed me to fix again.

So starting with the RTE13  mismatch on stacking items. Still unfixed looking for help from an outside source on this one if anyone could help? Then I noticed I needed to remove some of the keys system messages. Fix the frame rate to 64 FPS and limit movement speed. These are all hard coded and will have to wait at the moment until I get some visual basic tools again. But there pretty much fixed as is…(in my mind)

Next I took a look at what parts of the game world this version was missing and oh boy did I lose quite a bit of history. Anyone familiar with some of the more northern parts of the game including the swamps, the last hope caverns and more will be displeased to hear that they will not be returning. However I have planned new areas for those so expect to see huge changes in the northern areas past Volcano Villude. The other areas that were lost include, Hoax which was under development at the time, Illitair the player city and Saludio Hills. However Saludio Hills will be rebuilt to newer specifications.

Undeveloped Glory

Saludio Hills in Its Barebone Glory.

I have my work cut out for me making sure that there is enough content for both sides. In other news new revenue will be generated by downloads as all games including Stwalarts Tale are going to be hosted using a paid file host. No you won’t have to pay to download, but you will have to answer a form to download. It’s just to support us and make sure that we can continue hosting our game and providing you content. Thank you all, ~ Nickkos the Taco Lord.

Modern Warfare 2 Leak and Interactive media.

October 28, 2009 Leave a comment

If your a gamer you must be excited for Modern Warfare 2, now while im not saying its the be all end all of gaming. Its still a freaking sweet franchise by an amazing developer infinity ward. Even if some of their moves as of late were albeit a bit questionable.

Today there was a new modern warfare 2 leak that shows a bunch of people being gunned down in an airport by what I assume is Russians. They look like mobsters with military grade weaponry. Infinity Ward and Activision are working together to remove all videos of the leak.

Do you think that infinity ward is going too far. I think not, even in this post 911 world people need to lighten up. America isn’t the untouchable be all end all, I love my country but our snarky attitude towards the rest of the world needs to lighten up when it comes to media. Modern Warfare 2 itself is looking like it will be definitely controversial in the sense of you maybe playing a bad guy, and the fact that the war seems to have come to American soil.

Personally I can’t wait for this game but I hope that the media backlash isn’t so terrible… I mean if modern warfare 2 were a book or a movie, it probably wouldn’t have any backlash at all. The problem is that we are the new “interactive” media. And by traditional sense the media has never been…Interactive.

Ninjas Quest for Cash 2 Engine Finished!

October 27, 2009 Leave a comment

I have finished the engine for Ninja’s 2.0 with a lot of new features I’ll list them for you.

  • New Graphics a whole new art style that changes throughout the game progression.
  • Animated Graphics, I have done a few new animations for the game they look much better than the original static art style with some of the default graphics.
  • Advanced Menu systems, no more press enter to play, now including a Hiscores area.
  • Game Score and Player Health, no more 1 hit KO’s now the game will track health and player health in the new overlay system another addition to the advanced menus.
  • New sound effects, the old ones were terrible pretty much all art and sound assets were replaced with new custom ones.
  • 24 Mission Story mode planned
  • New Gameplay Elements: Death Portals; Yen Coins; Locked Areas to add a new layer of puzzle solving.

Now all thats left is to hand the engine over to Dylan, the level designer and hopefully we can have it released by december before the relaunch of A Stwalarts Tale. Which from now until then I will need to work exclusivley on.