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Ninjas Quest for Cash 2 Engine Finished!

October 27, 2009 Leave a comment

I have finished the engine for Ninja’s 2.0 with a lot of new features I’ll list them for you.

  • New Graphics a whole new art style that changes throughout the game progression.
  • Animated Graphics, I have done a few new animations for the game they look much better than the original static art style with some of the default graphics.
  • Advanced Menu systems, no more press enter to play, now including a Hiscores area.
  • Game Score and Player Health, no more 1 hit KO’s now the game will track health and player health in the new overlay system another addition to the advanced menus.
  • New sound effects, the old ones were terrible pretty much all art and sound assets were replaced with new custom ones.
  • 24 Mission Story mode planned
  • New Gameplay Elements: Death Portals; Yen Coins; Locked Areas to add a new layer of puzzle solving.

Now all thats left is to hand the engine over to Dylan, the level designer and hopefully we can have it released by december before the relaunch of A Stwalarts Tale. Which from now until then I will need to work exclusivley on.