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Assassins Creed 2 Reveiw

November 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Assassins Creed 2 contains some great ideas and is an excellent addition to the franchise. It feels more expansive and just overall larger than it’s predecessor. Most of all, the Storytelling is some of the most powerful I have seen in a game. Sure you see it coming from a mile away but the illusion of the likability of all the characters makes their story to powerful to end. Visually this game is superb, it captures all the aesthetic parts of italy from florence to Venice with such ar’e moire. The italian language that people keep speaking is frustrating if you do not put the subtitles on but for me it made the game all that much more believable. The Game has been expanded huge on the collectable part and everything feels like the Ocarina of Time…which isn’t a bad thing. It’s just epic. This is my game of the year, and I love it.

Bottom Line: Buy It!


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Reveiw

November 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Oh my god…Was this awesome. Modern Warfare 2 is one game I stood in line for at midnight, I was 6th in line and I got my free poster. I rushed home as quickly as I could popped it in got my mountain dew and played through the first three single player levels.  I then fell asleep for about 2 hrs and continued playing until noon when I beat single player. After that I worked on the multiplayer portion reaching rank 22 before finnaly my controllers died. I was enthralled.

Single player is awesome over the top experience with all kinds of sections that make the game you really need to experience go out and buy the game if you haven’t already.

Multiplayer is too new to really make a judgement but everything including the kitchen sink has been thrown in. I love it i’m now rank 26 and still everything feels new. I haven’t even touched most of the guns i’ve unlocked. Enough about that you want a reveiw so here it is.

Single player is full of scripted events filled with action packed context sensitive sequences. It involves you as a soldier in a time of crisis. World War 3…suddenly after an assault on an airport with a downed american soldier the russians are crying for blood. Makarov the prophet behind Zackayev has put together the events that start world war 3. And so goes journey through virginia and burger town all the way east to our nations capitol Washington D.C. however, Makarov doesn’t like that your in Washington and decides to nuke it. So now everythings been E.M.P.’ed and no electronics or communications work…except for in one area. The White House.

Meanwhile an old friend is found in some russian gulag and he goes batshit crazy on a revenge quest that results in one of the most awesome endings to a video game ever…albeit a tad far fetched.

*Update, I just played through the co-op campaign a bit…and let me say it’s awesome they didn’t even have to throw this in…it’s a whole ‘nother game with enough content to keep me busy for a month. It revolves around completing special challanges alone or with a friend…such as hold off a wave of enemy assaults…and no 2 are alike. Plus there are seperate maps in these that are not seen anywhere else.


Its fucking call of duty…go play it.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is MY game of the year. Simply because it’s awesome…I got my bang for my buck…A game that I can spend 40Hrs on and not finish everything. Plus…Cpt Price.

Game Reveiw – Runescape

November 5, 2009 Leave a comment

Oh my, please don’t critisize me for this one…

Yeah sure, I’ve played a mans MMO in fact I’ve played them all and got to end game content but still it’s freaking runescape. Runescape has a bad reputation in the MMO community for being point and click and like a spreadsheet with graphics.

…And it is…but so are all mmo’s its just that runescape doesn’t try to hide it. Runescape has more depth than any flash game and still no download or browser barriers. Its a virtual machine game and as such EVERYONE can play runescape. And that is both it’s strongest and weakest point, because it attracts all walks of life. And more often then not the worst aspects of life.

The gameplay is easy and deep but still rooted in monotony the graphics while lately improved are still not on par but for a VM game they get the job done. Sound is where the game really takes a hit because every sound effect could be better. The community sucks and stupid trade control mechanics have been put in place because of it. And while that is both jagex and the communities fault it does indeed bring the game down.

Runescape does not give you total freedom, but it can be totaly addicting.

If you would like to play runescape with me add me to your friends list as Da Nickkos, now if you’ll excuse me between developing STO and Ninja’s I have to get back to getting my woodcutting level to 60.

The Beatles Rock Band Game Reveiw

November 4, 2009 Leave a comment

I will say it now, I freaking love The Beatles. I love there music and I love their lore and history. I like Rock Band The Beatles, but what was a great effort at a band tribute and that is what this feels like,  Falls a bit short to a hardcore beatles fans. The one thing I would have liked would be the actual story of the band…sure you get cool cartoons but they don’t explain anything. There just there before the next chapter or venue. Also to me, Harmonix’s song choices could have been better. Although DLC will fix this I really expected more songs and…for gods sake…

  • Elenor Rigby
  • All you Need is love
  • Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

They should be free DLC or dammit be on the disk. What I wanted was a true to life story of the bands history, which wasn’t always that colorful bright picture the game paints it out to be. Sure the atmosphere and dark elements of the music towards the rooftop concert bring it out…but it’s far too subtle. What I got was awesome Beatles music, trippy “Inspired” music videos called “dreamscapes” and I also got to feel like John Lennon, but that has nothing to do with the fact that while playing this game I put on a shirt and tie a small brit style jacket, slicked my hair back and put on my Lennon Shades. Oh yeah, I also was playing Come Together with a plastic Ukeleyle

It’s a short game for 60$ but I invested the money as a fan and am very happy with it.

Borderlands Reveiw

October 30, 2009 Leave a comment

2 years ago in 2007 is when I first heard of Borderlands. Without much detail I let it pass by me in lieu of many quality grade A titles. In early 2009 when they started revealing features and more details about Borderlands I started to take quite a bit of notice. Until one statement caught my ears by one of the best surprises the game had to offer. It said,

“Borderlands has over 200,000 different guns.”

And that statement alone I could not believe, until they started revealing that the game is a cross between an MMO with only 4 players and Diablo with guns. Its very action oriented and reminds me a lot about Fallout 3 when it comes to atmosphere. But the world of pandora is quite lonley without it’s 4 player Co-Op.

The Story centers around you, or one of 4 character classes with limited customization that is on a search to find The Vault. Because the Vault holds Eridian Technology which when you find an Eridian Gun you will know why these people want them. In two words – Unlimited Ammunition. Borderlands came out on October 20, 2009 which just also happened to be my 18th birthday so I was very happy to be at a Wal-Mart at midnight to celebrate both it’s release and my coming of age.

I’ve played through the game and all of it’s sidequests, but the better loot comes from multiple playthroughs, while it can feel a little grindy at times the action oriented gameplay tears away from the RPG elements. The menu system could be revamped to allow a fast real time equipment system. And the only armors are sheilds…which was disapointing because I would like to trick my character out with custom armor for all to see.

I want to see a sequel for Borderlands but first I demand:

  • More Dungeonlike Areas Including raids with up to 8 Players
  • Gun Customization – Including adding clips or scopes
  • Less Grind Style Quests
  • Flesh out the vehicle sections
  • Improve the scaling of areas
  • More boss fights
  • Loot system that actually feels like your getting rewarded better loot for better enemies instead of random all the time.
  • Platanium Guns that don’t suck

Borderlands is an amazing game despite some of it’s minor flaws. It doesn’t feel unfinished it just leaves you wanting more!