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Every…single time.

December 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Every single time I’ve logged in and started working I’ve always needed to add something to my to do list for A Stwalarts Tale. The game is great but I always see something thats like…oh I can improve that dee dee durh. So I add it right now the list is the shortest it’s ever been so were very close. For example I just finished writing 22 new quests and started the actual work on the main storyline quests that litter the game.

Tier 2 development has commenced and is about 37% complete. I expect it to be done and tier 3 to be finished and ready by the end of December therefore tier 3 content is now not a post launch patch, it is on launch day content. Which leaves me to the next point the new city of Post launch content…Hawks is in mind…as it was almost finished by the first beta….what do you think? Comment me some suggestions.


The Stwalarts Tale

November 25, 2009 Leave a comment

~ Zacharius Zetch, 4th day of the 33rd year.

I have made it along with Balizi through the Shadowed Forest. He does not see the bounty of the land before him. I will make my capitol here upon this citadel before the greater mountains. Zamilidor, I will call it. Balizi will be leaving through the pass and into the desert in the morning. His disband from our group only leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth.


~ Illani Dan E’ri the first Stwalart

And so they met in the desert 10 years after their departure. Each had prospered on his own side of the valley, and each had conquest in their eyes. As they came together for their first meet in those ten long years,  Zacharius slew Balizi with a dagger. And so the bloody conflict engulfed the desert. And the two nations became mortal enemies. Before that battle in the desert each faction was left without a leader, for Zacharius died of thirst wandering the desert a misfortune of the gods some called it.

Shortly after two leaders emerged bearing new banners of war,  Queen Salth’iri of the Black Roses and Darmurian of The Sacred Swords. Salth’iri was a emmissary of the countries to the far east beyond the sea. She in the best interest of making Zamilidor and it’s countries colonies of the Taborean Empire began to lead under the banner of a Black Rose. A symbol of a darker time in the Taborean Empire.

Darmurian was one of the most loyal knights under Balizi and during the original conflict fought off Zacharius and his men. He emerged taking Balizi’s Sword and carrying it back to Kerotor garnering the respect of it’s citizens.

And both…met 12 years later, under different circumstances they met…me.

Modern Warfare 2 Guns Revealed

November 4, 2009 1 comment

The New Guns for MW2:

Holy crap I love them all…

– M4A1 – Start
– FAMAS – Start
– SCAR-H – Lvl 8
– TAR-21 – Lvl 20
– FAL – Lvl 28
– M16A4 – Lvl 40
– ACR – Lvl 48
– F2000 – Lvl 60
– AK47 – Lvl 70

– MP5K – Start
– UMP45 – Start
– Vector – Lvl 12
– P90 – Lvl 24
– Mini Uzi – Lvl 44

– L86 LSW – Start
– RPD – Start
– MG4 – Lvl 16
– AUG HBAR – Lvl 32
– M240 – Lvl 52

– Intervention – Start
– Barret .50cal – Start
– WA2000 – Lvl 36
– M21 EBR – Lvl 56

– PP2000 – Start
– G18 – Lvl 22
– M93 Raffica – Lvl 38
– TMP – Lvl 58

– SPAS-12 – Start
– AA-12 – Lvl 18
– Striker – Lvl 34
– Ranger – Lvl 42
– M1014 – Lvl 54
– Model 1887 Lvl 67

– USP .45 – Start
– .44 Magnum – Lvl 26
– M9 – Lvl 46
– Desert Eagle- Lvl 62

– AT4-HS – Start
– Thumper x2 – Lvl 14
– Stinger – Lvl 30
– Javelin – Lvl 50
– RPG x2 – Lvl 65

– Frag – Start
– Semtex – Start
– Throwing Knife – Lvl 7
– Tactical Insertion – Lvl 11
– Blast Shield – Lvl 19
– Claymore – Lvl 31
– C4 – Lvl 43

RPG Builder 3D

November 3, 2009 Leave a comment

I just thought I’d take the time to share a new peice of software I found, RPG Builder 3D. It’s currently in beta stage and only support Direct3d but soon it will also support OpenGL. It’s definitley an unfinished piece of software but you can also find it’s web page here.



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Modern Warfare 2 Killstreaks and Perks Leaked

November 3, 2009 Leave a comment

The Modern Warfare 2 kill streaks and perks have been leaked by someone with an early copy of the game…Damn Pirates…err I mean…awesome pirates. Personally I love the nuke…and the streamlined perk systems.

Modern Warfare 2 Perks
* Marathon – Tier 1 – Standard: Unlimited Sprint – Pro: Get over obstacles faster
* Sleight of Hand – Tier 1 – Standard: Faster Reload – Pro: Aim down sights faster
* Scavenger – Tier 1 – Standard: Retrieve ammo from dead bodies
* Bling – Tier 1 – Standard: Dual attachments on primary weapon – Pro: Dual attachments on secondary weapon
* One Man Army – Tier 1 – Standard: Switch classes in game (no respawn needed)
* Stopping Power – Tier 2 – Standard: Increased bullet damage – Pro: Increased bullet damage to cars and Killstreak vehicles
* Lightweight – Tier 2 – Standard: Move faster
* Hardline – Tier 2 – Standard: Killstreak rewards require 1 less kill – Pro: Deathstreaks require 1 less death
* Cold Blooded – Tier 2 – Standard: Undetectable by UAV, air support, sentries, and thermal
* Danger Close – Tier 2 – Standard: Increases explosive weapons damage
* Commando – Tier 3 – Standard: Increased melee distance – Pro: No falling damage
* Steady Aim – Tier 3 – Standard: Increased hip-fire accuracy
* Scrambler – Tier 3 – Standard: Scrambles the radar of nearby enemies
* Ninja – Tier 3 – Standard: Invisible to heartbeat sensors – Pro: Move silently
* SitRep – Tier 3 – Standard: Insertions. Reveals enemy explosives and Tactical Insertions
* Last Stand – Tier 3 – Standard: Survive (on the ground) for 10 seconds after being killed, pistol equipped – Pro: Use grenades and equipment as well as your pistol

Modern Warfare 2 Killstreaks
3 Kills — UAV
4 Kills — Care Package
4 Kills — Counter UAV
5 Kills — Sentry Gun
5 Kills — Predator Missile
6 Kills — Precision Airstrike
7 Kills — Strike
7 Kills — Attack Heli
8 Kills — Emergency Airdrop
9 Kills — Pave Low
9 Kills — Stealth Bomber
11 Kills — Chopper Gunner
11 Kills — AC-130
15 Kills — EMP
25 Kills — Tactical Nuke (this instantly ends the match with you as the victor)

Borderlands Reveiw

October 30, 2009 Leave a comment

2 years ago in 2007 is when I first heard of Borderlands. Without much detail I let it pass by me in lieu of many quality grade A titles. In early 2009 when they started revealing features and more details about Borderlands I started to take quite a bit of notice. Until one statement caught my ears by one of the best surprises the game had to offer. It said,

“Borderlands has over 200,000 different guns.”

And that statement alone I could not believe, until they started revealing that the game is a cross between an MMO with only 4 players and Diablo with guns. Its very action oriented and reminds me a lot about Fallout 3 when it comes to atmosphere. But the world of pandora is quite lonley without it’s 4 player Co-Op.

The Story centers around you, or one of 4 character classes with limited customization that is on a search to find The Vault. Because the Vault holds Eridian Technology which when you find an Eridian Gun you will know why these people want them. In two words – Unlimited Ammunition. Borderlands came out on October 20, 2009 which just also happened to be my 18th birthday so I was very happy to be at a Wal-Mart at midnight to celebrate both it’s release and my coming of age.

I’ve played through the game and all of it’s sidequests, but the better loot comes from multiple playthroughs, while it can feel a little grindy at times the action oriented gameplay tears away from the RPG elements. The menu system could be revamped to allow a fast real time equipment system. And the only armors are sheilds…which was disapointing because I would like to trick my character out with custom armor for all to see.

I want to see a sequel for Borderlands but first I demand:

  • More Dungeonlike Areas Including raids with up to 8 Players
  • Gun Customization – Including adding clips or scopes
  • Less Grind Style Quests
  • Flesh out the vehicle sections
  • Improve the scaling of areas
  • More boss fights
  • Loot system that actually feels like your getting rewarded better loot for better enemies instead of random all the time.
  • Platanium Guns that don’t suck

Borderlands is an amazing game despite some of it’s minor flaws. It doesn’t feel unfinished it just leaves you wanting more!

Modern Warfare 2 Leak and Interactive media.

October 28, 2009 Leave a comment

If your a gamer you must be excited for Modern Warfare 2, now while im not saying its the be all end all of gaming. Its still a freaking sweet franchise by an amazing developer infinity ward. Even if some of their moves as of late were albeit a bit questionable.

Today there was a new modern warfare 2 leak that shows a bunch of people being gunned down in an airport by what I assume is Russians. They look like mobsters with military grade weaponry. Infinity Ward and Activision are working together to remove all videos of the leak.

Do you think that infinity ward is going too far. I think not, even in this post 911 world people need to lighten up. America isn’t the untouchable be all end all, I love my country but our snarky attitude towards the rest of the world needs to lighten up when it comes to media. Modern Warfare 2 itself is looking like it will be definitely controversial in the sense of you maybe playing a bad guy, and the fact that the war seems to have come to American soil.

Personally I can’t wait for this game but I hope that the media backlash isn’t so terrible… I mean if modern warfare 2 were a book or a movie, it probably wouldn’t have any backlash at all. The problem is that we are the new “interactive” media. And by traditional sense the media has never been…Interactive.