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Slight Launch Delay

November 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Due to the overwhelming ammount of project management and to finnalize a few things and polish the game, we are delaying the launch until after the new year. This moves A Stwalart’s Tale over into 2010, we have a finnalized launch date of 1/14/2010 . I feel this is best for both me as a developer and the player community as a whole. In terms of what still has to be done before launch I have compiled the jargon below.

Shop Database Reform
Vault Gameplay Development
Tier 2 Content
Re-Adjust Skill scripts for the new items database
Re-balance Whispering caverns
Fix Spell Bugs
Fix Item Stacking Sell bugs
Sellas Fringe Layering Check
Kobold Caverns Fringe layering Check
Finish the saludio ashlands zone


A Stwalarts Tale Development Update #7

November 7, 2009 1 comment

Here is a video preveiwing the new Saludio Hills.

I have finished all of the fringe mapping in the game about 230 interior maps needed changes. Next i’m going to be going over and reworking all the quests. No more stupid fetch quests with no point I’m going to make sure there is a reason for fighting the bandits trying to make things more personal.

In other news I’ve also done some work on a new page specifically for A Stwalarts Tale. Soon it will be filled with useful guides and information about the game and maybe even house a high scores list.