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Every…single time.

December 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Every single time I’ve logged in and started working I’ve always needed to add something to my to do list for A Stwalarts Tale. The game is great but I always see something thats like…oh I can improve that dee dee durh. So I add it right now the list is the shortest it’s ever been so were very close. For example I just finished writing 22 new quests and started the actual work on the main storyline quests that litter the game.

Tier 2 development has commenced and is about 37% complete. I expect it to be done and tier 3 to be finished and ready by the end of December therefore tier 3 content is now not a post launch patch, it is on launch day content. Which leaves me to the next point the new city of Post launch content…Hawks is in mind…as it was almost finished by the first beta….what do you think? Comment me some suggestions.


A Stwalarts Tale Development #10

November 20, 2009 1 comment

It’s been a while since i’ve done a development update. Okay so, Implementation is what i’d like to call this stage. All the work I have been talking about on the item database the quest database it’s really paying off in organization and rebalancing the game. Everything is much friendlier and casual, but there are still hardcore features. Im also fixing bugs inside the engine…

Visual Basic Coding ...Fun

Right now I have all the tier 1 items entered into the game. Including quest items. However I have a lot of quests to re-do, which means that npc drops have to be redone. Plus I have additional quests that i’m adding into the older areas of the game.  The beta test contained 10 tier 1 quests. Version 1.0 will have 20 tier 1 quests. On top of that I will have 7 treasure finding side-quests. With the new item database I also have to re-write a lot of scripts and code with new variable numbers so it’s kind of annoying. Almost all quest dialogue has been changed.

The game will launch with tier 1 and 2 content. The tier 3 content is going to be released shortly after launch as an expansion. Shortly after launch we hope to have around 60 quests in the game.

A Stwalart’s Tale Development Update #9

November 9, 2009 Leave a comment

The New Vault Music has been finished, and i’ve been working more on the ethereal look that envelops into a floating city. It’s pretty freaking cool. Click Here to download the music.

The Vault

The new Vault look.

I’m still working on mapping the vault but tonight I hope to take a look at some quests. I really have to get on that and finish the vault by next week. The holidays are going to be busy times around here. Also I need time to play Modern Warfare 2 tommorow, well actually midnight 12:01 Nov, 10. I’m getting 10% off because my friend works at wal-mart and all the game crazy’s have recently closed in my area.

A Stwalarts Tale Development Update #8

November 8, 2009 Leave a comment

Today I was working on recovering some of the old finished game music. I also composed 3 new tracks for the game as well. I’ve been coding to get title screen music once more. After finishing a design for the new vault, I went to work mapping a few parts of it. The Vault has a very new style that I hope you will make it one of the new most visited areas in the game. It turned into the begining parts as a sort of ethereal moon world where gravity has no effect. Craters are hung up in the area as platforms and new teleporters are the key to traversing this area. Afterwords you will be received into a giant ancient structure where you will be tested by some all new foes for great loot.


A Stwalarts Tale Development Update #7

November 7, 2009 1 comment

Here is a video preveiwing the new Saludio Hills.

I have finished all of the fringe mapping in the game about 230 interior maps needed changes. Next i’m going to be going over and reworking all the quests. No more stupid fetch quests with no point I’m going to make sure there is a reason for fighting the bandits trying to make things more personal.

In other news I’ve also done some work on a new page specifically for A Stwalarts Tale. Soon it will be filled with useful guides and information about the game and maybe even house a high scores list.

A Stwalarts Tale Development Update #6

November 6, 2009 2 comments

Inconsistencies Arise! Today I spent my evening going over the fringe layers of every interior map working on filling the “Black Spots” As people used to call them. They were small little inconsistent colored areas that were in the fringe of almost every interior map exluding the first few that were created in build 0.1 . Yeah…that far back.

So today I finished all the interiors of

  • Kerotor City
  • Whispering Caverns
  • Zamilidor City
  • Forlorn Steepes
  • Kerotor Tower
  • Zamilidor Tower

However still left to go is,

  • Fortified Enclave
  • Selles
  • Volcano Villude
  • Tutorial Areas
  • Kobold Village
  • Trading Post & Grasslands

I really am not looking forward to all this grunt work, especially in the fortified enclave which is the largest dungeon by far in the game. After finishing this I hope to change that by working on The new Vault. Stay tuned for a video exploring the New Saludio Hills and the opening of the Vault.

Game Reveiw – Runescape

November 5, 2009 Leave a comment

Oh my, please don’t critisize me for this one…

Yeah sure, I’ve played a mans MMO in fact I’ve played them all and got to end game content but still it’s freaking runescape. Runescape has a bad reputation in the MMO community for being point and click and like a spreadsheet with graphics.

…And it is…but so are all mmo’s its just that runescape doesn’t try to hide it. Runescape has more depth than any flash game and still no download or browser barriers. Its a virtual machine game and as such EVERYONE can play runescape. And that is both it’s strongest and weakest point, because it attracts all walks of life. And more often then not the worst aspects of life.

The gameplay is easy and deep but still rooted in monotony the graphics while lately improved are still not on par but for a VM game they get the job done. Sound is where the game really takes a hit because every sound effect could be better. The community sucks and stupid trade control mechanics have been put in place because of it. And while that is both jagex and the communities fault it does indeed bring the game down.

Runescape does not give you total freedom, but it can be totaly addicting.

If you would like to play runescape with me add me to your friends list as Da Nickkos, now if you’ll excuse me between developing STO and Ninja’s I have to get back to getting my woodcutting level to 60.